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CureTape Beige (Clinic Roll) CureTape Beige (Clinic Roll)
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PSB Wrist Brace

PSB Wrist Brace
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PSB Wrist Brace:

PSB Wrist Brace

The PSB Wrist Brace provides the wrist with the right amount of support for bending and stretching (flexion and extension). At the same time an elastic tape applies pressure around the wrist. Another advantage is that the PSB Wrist Brace is easily fitted by the user and its design and materials make it extremely comfortable. This applies especially to the Tactel® aquator on the inside, which wicks perspiration away from the skin.
Measuring for size
PSB Wrist Braces are available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large and are different for the right and left wrist. In order to measure the correct size, you need to measure around the wrist between the hand and the wrist bones (see illustration). You can use a normal tape measure for measuring or a special PSB tape measure, which shows the sizes in different colours. The table shows the fitting range of the various sizes.

Size                Left                 Right              Wrist Circumference

small             PSB063L       PSB063R         14 - 16cm

medium        PSB064L       PSB064R         16 - 18cm

large              PSB065L       PSB065R         18 - 20cm

PSB Wrist Brace
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PSB Wrist Brace
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PSB Wrist Brace
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