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CureTape Individual Roll Beige

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CureTape Beige Individual Roll (5cm x 5m)

CureTape rolls are individually available (Red, Black, Beige, Blue and Orange) and all are registered as a Class I Medical devices with EU registration number NL/CA01/04-07434. With the standard elastic therapeutic wave design, CureTape is essential tool for clinics specializing in the use of neuromuscular techniques.

Each tape is individually boxed with a package .

The adhesive is alcohol free with hypo-allergenic backing, in a wave-form, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allowing the skin to breathe. The tape is latex-free and derived from cotton fiber; providing elasticity similar to the that of the human skin (130-140% self-stretching).

The tape is air and water-permeable, while still being water- resistant; allowing for the tape to be worn for several days (4-5 days) without the loss in the quality of its effect. The tape has a shelf life of 30 months and should be stored in a cool area to preserve adhesive qualities.

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