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Dermalight 80 MED/MPD Tester


This product is available for pre-order only.
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Dermalight 80 MED/MPD Tester

The dermalight® 80 MED or MPD-tester serves for the definition of the MED or MPD, according to the choice of light source (uv-b broadband, uv-b/311nm or uv-a). The unit contains a foil with 10 different test fields. The varying dosage in the test fields is caused by varying sizes of outlets and therefore varying UV-irradiation. The MED or MPD serves for the definition of the optimum starting dosage for UV-treatment.

Special characteristics:
* Dosage dependent of the skin type
* Exact definition of the testing time
* Easy and quick handling
* No need to cover body parts
* No need for a UV-meter
* Automatic cut-off after the end of testing

Please note this device should only be used under medical guidance.