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Enraf-Nonius Sonopuls 492
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Enraf-Nonius Sonopuls 492


This product is available for pre-order only.
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Enraf-Nonius Sonopuls 492 Combination Unit

'Touch Screen'

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The top device of the 4 series is the NEW Sonopuls 492. This complete unit ensures that you can apply ultrasound therapy, electrotherapy and combination therapy. You will have a solution for every disorder at your fingertips with both 1 MHz and 3 MHz ultrasound, with a small and/or a large ultrasound treatment head and with all modern and effective current types that are fully integrated! The neatly arranged touch screen operating panel makes operation extremely easy and fast. All information that you may need is displayed in a very well-organised manner. Selecting the correct parameters is also easy. Thanks to the integrated evidence-based protocols, the best recommendations will be made. The graphic help screens that display localisations and anatomic representations guarantee the correct execution of the therapy. The Sonopuls 492 can be used as a mobile device thanks to the battery (optional). In addition to using it with a mains power supply, the equipment can also be used in a clinic, next to the bed of a patient or at home. Thus the multifunctional Sonopuls 492 can also become your assistant wherever you may go.

Watch New Features Available.

Multi-frequency treatment head 1 & 3 MHz
Contact control
Combination therapy
36 Current forms for electrotherapy
42 Pre-programmed protocols (evidence bsed)
2 Pre-programmed Combination Therapy protocols (evidence bsed)
1000 Programmable positions
Therapy possibilities
Ultrasound, Interferential, Russian stimulation, TENS, Rectangularand triangular pulsed current, Iontophoresis, 2-5 Current,
Diadynamic currents, High voltage, Microcurrent

Small Treatment Head 0.8cm

Technical specifications
Current channels: 2, independent
Ultrasound: 1
Ultrasound frequencies: 1 and 3 MHz
Ultrasound: continuous and pulsed
Duty Cycle: 5,10, 20, 33, 50, 80%
Pulse frequency: 16Hz, 48Hz & 100 Hz
Number of connections: 2
Intensity: 0–2 W/cm², 0-3 W/cm²,
Pre-programmed: 42
Dimensions: 24 x 32 x 12cm
Mains voltage: 100-240 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)
Weight: 2 kg
Weight with Battery: 3Kg

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