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ISO Band

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ISO Band
SCOTT Medical

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approx length 50yds - 45.7m roll   

A range of five colour coded exercise bands with varying strengths to assist the therapist in the rehab of patients through controlled resistive training and exercise. ISO Band can be cut to the length you need just contact us at the office.

Safety when using exercise bands


Care should be taken when using ISO Band as improper use can cause serious injury.
Do not use ISO Band in anyway that may cause it to snap towards the head or eyes.
Safety goggles should be worn for some exercises.
Adults should provide supervision when children are using ISO Band.
When using ISO Band ensure that you have no sharp objects in your hands ie rings, bracelets, sharp nails etc
Should you discover any flaws please dispose of the band in a safe manner and replace with a new length of band.
Ensure that you store your ISO Band in a safe manner away from sunlight and sharp objects.
Store at room temperature.

Please note safety glasses are advised when completing some exercises.

Theraband alternative product.

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