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Necksaviour Mini
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Necksaviour Mini

5 - 7 Days

Necksaviour Mini

The small but mighty necksaviour. With 2 stretch options, it's your perfect travel partner.

Necksaviour Mini can help with:

- Neck pain
- Headaches
- Muscle tension
- Neck alignment and posture

necksaviour Mini key features:

- Easy to use
- Comfortable
- Light or strong stretch
- Weighs just 58gs
- Perfect for travel

Just bend it, relax on it and feel the stretch....again and again !

Watch how to use the Necksaviour mini. 

It is important that patients are advised on the importance of good posture and instructed on how to achieve this and the value of a regular exercise and stretching regime. necksaviour, like all traction devices is subject to certain precautions and containdications.


Traction should not be painful and the sensation should be one of minor discomfort and a stretch only. Use of any traction device should be discontinued immediately if the user experiences pain in the neck, back or limbs. This is also the case if there is any experience of nausea, dizziness, double vision, difficulty swallowing, numbness or pins and needles. If this is the case a health care provider should be consulted.


Acute or traumatic injury, spinal instability or fracture, severe rheumatoid arthritis, spinal cord compression, infections, inflammatory diseases, malignancy, vertebrobasilar insuffciency and any other condition which could be worsened by movement (particularly distraction).

We recomend that you do not use this item without consulting your Physio or Doctor.

Please Note:

Due to the unique material nature of the product and additionally for hygiene reasons we cannot accept returns of this item if it has been removed from its plastic wrapping or if the product has been folded. This does not affect your statutory rights if the product is faulty.

How does the Necksaviour work? 

Necksaviour can deliver forces up to 25lbs/11kgs which is at the lower end of what is commonly regarded as 'medical' traction for the cervical spine. The precise force it delivers will depend on many factors including the length of the neck, the degree of recline and the surface it is used on.

It's forces are applied to upper trapezius bilaterally and the occipital/nuchal region bilaterally. There is no pressure on the mandible and therefore no pressure transmitted through the TMJ (temporomandibular joint). Used as instructed necksaviour applies a therapeutic stretch to the cervical spine and it’s associated soft tissue in a few degrees of flexion.

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