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Neuromuscular Taping - from Theory to Practice

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Neuromuscular Taping

from Theory to Practice-372 pages-Hard bound - David Blow

- When is NeuroMuscular Taping applied?

- How is it applied?

- What clinical advantages does it offer?

This book is a useful tool for those learning the NeuroMuscular Taping technique, providing clear answers to the most frequently asked questions. The richly illustrated theoretical section explains the mechanism of action of NeuroMuscular Taping and the concepts of human anatomy and physiology on which it is based.

The practical section contains over 100 information sheets with more than 800 images that explain both the compressive and decompressive application techniques in detail. Particular attention is paid to applications for muscles and for major pathologies.

Each application is carefully explained and illustrated, step-by step, including:

- Anatomical notes
- Muscle tests
- Clinical applications
- Combined applications

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