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TNM Manual - Josya Sijmonsma

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TNM Manual Neuromuscular Taping
Josya Sijmonsma

(Medical Taping Concept) Manual 1st English Edition -  Pages 200-Hard-bound

In recent years, the neuromuscular taping technique called Taping NeuroMuscular (or Medical Taping Concept in Northern Europe ) has gained a distinct position in therapies in Europe. Until now, there were no comprehensive reference books available.

Josya Sijmonsma has succeeded in providing a lucid survey of the various techniques used in the Taping NeuroMuscular in this book on taping for medics, physiotherapists, sports therapists and kinesiologists.

Clear explanations of the theoretical foundations and practical applications of the taping methods are followed, in the final chapter, by an exhaustive and varied list of possible applications for disorders affecting posture and movement. This final chapter also explains how the different techniques can be combined with each other.

The book's logical structure and appendix makes it an extremely practical and inspirational manual for therapists dealing with real-life cases

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