The Rope – A Stretching Device

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The Rope – A Stretching Device

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The Rope provides gentle traction for the shoulders and thoracolumbar spine. You can incrementally increase pressure to almost full body weight, enhancing normal joint play and maximising mobility of the ribs and chest wall. The Rope helps to relieve muscle spasms, improve posture, loosen contracted muscles and capsular adhesions, improve elasticity, and relax tight muscles. The Rope is light-weight, portable, and low cost, making it an ideal device for home use, enabling patients to increase gains made in the clinic. It can be used anywhere there is a door, lock door in shut position and begin stretching exercises. The Rope comes complete with web-strap, custom braided rope, and rubber handles molded to the shape of a closed hand to increase comfort and effectiveness. A full colour instruction pamphlet is included with clearly written step-by-step instructions. The Rope is not recommended for patients over 300 lbs.

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