Bio-Mex - Low Density - Low Arch

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Bio-Mex - Low Density - Low Arch

Bio-Mex is a sophisticated addition to the Bio family. It is made from two densities of high quality polypropylene making it slender, flexible and strong for excellent biomechanical control. Available in a low and medium arch height, the Bio-Mex is easily customised through heat moulding, grinding and FREE self-adhesive components if required. Bio-Mex is a 3/4 length shell, supplied with a separate self-adhesive full length EVA top cover.

Low Arch

Our low arched Bio-Mex incorporates a concaved arch profile, designed specifically to support and correct a typical ‘Pes Planus’ foot type. Available in low (purple) and high (orange) density.


• Improved biomechanical control.

• Less bulk = better shoe fit (greater patient comfort and compliance).

• Not reliant on shoe shank.

• Easily adaptable to combat a wide range of conditions.

• Enhanced durability.



2 x 2°, 4° and 6° rearfoot wedges.


2 x 5mm heel lifts.


2 x heel cushions.


2 x full length EVA top covers.

Bio-Mex - Low Density - Low Arch

Insoles, hard shell, corrective, low arch, low density

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