EN-Tree Pulley Explosive 54 kg with Covers

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EN-Tree Pulley Explosive 54 kg with Covers

With EN-Tree pulleys, active exercise is possible for almost anyone. Healthy individuals, patients with specific exercise requirements and wheelchair users. This is possible because of the wide variety of load applications and the ease of adaptation of the EN-Tree to every individual’s need. The EN-Tree Pulley allows an increase of the weight in very small steps. The EN-Tree Pulley allows the exercise of almost every human movement. This includes mono-articular movements as well as complex displacements.

The EN-Tree Explosive Pulley is constructed for high speed, explosive movements, which for example those that occur during sports activities like tennis and soccer. This allows high velocity movement without high inertia. The EN-Tree Explosive provides the optimal balance between acceleration and resistance for high speed training. The EN-Tree Explosive is provided with 54 kg of weight, which effectively means a maximum of 18 kg to spare. The EN-Tree Pulley Explosive has an encased weight stack to ensure that the unit meets the essential requirements of the CE-MDD.

Installation requirements EN-Tree should be mounted to the wall with 4 screws and plugs. The wall should be firm enough to resist forces up to 950 N (thus do not attach it to stud or thin wooden walls). Leave about 2m² free around every pulley for optimal exercise.

Multi-functional. Accurate repeatable exercise resistance. Complete possibility to exercise on a surface area of 2m². Extremely smooth dual-bearing rollers . Height adjustable with indicator. Adjustable cord extension. Very thin but extremely solid cord (less resistance from the rollers). Reduces force and displacement by a factor 6 and thus allowing high velocity movement without high inertia. Meets the essential requirements of the CE-MDD.

Standard accessories

  • 3443305 Set of 2 handgrips
  • 1410750 Operating manual EN-Tree and EN-TreeM


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 218x39x35 cm (LxWxD)
  • Weight (wo. covers): 97 kg
  • Height adjustment for rope: 0-200 cm
  • Weights: 2 kg until 54 kg
  • For 1 cord end: 0.33-1-1.6-2.3-4.3-5-5.6-6.3-7-7.6-8.3-9 kg
  • For 2 cord ends combined: 0.66-2-3.33-4.66-6-7.3-8.6-10-11.3-12.6-14-15.33-16.66-18 kg

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