Nutfield SK Knee Brace

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Nutfield SK Knee Brace

Nutfield SK knee brace is front opening with easy-open tabs on the velcro straps. Making this brace suitable for the arthritic or elderly patient, who may suffer from limited dexterity

The brace incorprorates a polcentric hinge which follows the true motion of the knee. Providing medial and lateral support for the unstable knee, while allowing flexion.The top opening flaps allow easy access to remove the hinges for laundering.

Universal design fits left or right knee

Size Chart

Size    Code             Knee Circumference

XS       NSK/02          22-28cm

S         NSK/03          28-34cm

M         NSK/05          34-40cm

L          NSK/07          40-46cm

XL       NSK/08          46-56cm

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