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Enraf-Nonius EN-Motion Treadmill

The physiotherapy and rehabilitation world has acquired a valuable asset: EN-Motion, the latest innovation in treadmills, ideal for physiotherapy and rehabilitation purposes. EN-Motion gets the world moving The EN-Motion brings together the long-established, reliable Enraf-Nonius quality and the practical experience of the movement specialist: a robust, modern and stylish treadmill that gives unequalled performance, with a strong emphasis on safety and ergonomics in its design. The EN-Motion is a treadmill that perfectly meets the needs and requirements of the movement specialist, now and in the future.
EN-Motion: the ultimate PHYSIO treadmill

Auto speed
The EN-Motion has it! The treadmill automatically adjusts to the speed of the user, without the need to press controls. Auto speed ensures the optimum comfort in movement, ideal for exertion tests, such as the 6-minute walking test (6 MWT). Auto speed moves the physiotherapy and rehabilitation process forward!

Tests/clinical evaluations
Besides functional exercise programmes (which can be adapted as required), you can choose from various exertion tests, including the 6 MWT. With the auto speed function, you are guaranteed that this test will be carried out reliably! The test data are compared against standard data and are presented clearly. Make no mistake - you will make great strides in the area of clinimetrics with the EN-Motion.

Low Threshold
The first step on the way to recovery is soon made. The EN- Motion has an extremely low step-up height of only 12,5 cm. Unique in physiotherapy and a highly appreciated innovation for patient and therapist.

Progressive Shock Absorption (PSA)
PSA is the special method of shock absorption that ensures smooth cushioning at all times. This prevents unnecessary stress on the joints, irrespective of the weight or walking style of your patient. Even the most sensitive patients can manage the EN-Motion without any diffculty. The belt takes weights up to a maximum of 235 kg.

User Interface
The EN-Motion is very user-friendly and has a colour display with strong graphic features. The result: a clear and accurate refection of your training session or test. Furthermore, it is presented in a very creative and artistic way.

Dual Slope Technology (DST)
With DST, you can set both positive and negative angles of slope electronically. With the EN-Motion, no mountain is too high. Side bars The handlebars of the EN-Motion have a multi-functional shape. With the electrically adjustable side bars* the correct height is quickly found. Because of the open design, observation of the walking pattern is made easy.

Quiet motor
The EN-Motion has a powerful but quiet motor.

Do you work with EN-Track? In that case, the EN-Motion is the perfect treadmill for you, too. With the familiar chip card, the EN-Motion is quick and easy to control. Patient-related training and test results are stored automatically. EN-Track software facilitates 'remote personal assistance'!

Naturally, the EN-Motion meets the medical guidelines (Medical Device Directives) and guarantees medically responsible therapy and a high degree of safety. Take a step forward. Step over to EN-Motion!

 * = Only on the EN-Motion Plus model

  • LOADS UP TO 235 KG

Standard Accessories 

  • 1665751 EN-Motion user manual (EN)
  • 1665802 Stop cord with magnetic contact



Technical Specifications

  • Power: 230V (also available as 115V)
  • Motor: DC motor, 3.5 Hp
  • Motor capacity: 2600 W
  • Min./max. speed: 0.4 - 18 km/hr (in steps of 0.1 km/hr)
  • Positive slope angle: 0% to +15% (in steps of 0.5%)
  • Negative slope angle: 0% to -10% (in steps of 0.5%)
  • Dimensions: 212 x 86 x 148 cm (l x w x h)
  • (Height includes mounted console)
  • Effective walking surface: 150 x 50 cm
  • Height of side bars: 76 cm - 93.5 cm (distance from the walking surface to the underside and upper side of the bars respectively)
  • Height of side bars ('Plus' type): 61 cm - 108.5 cm (distance from the walking surface to the underside and upper side of the bars)
  • Total setting range ('Plus' type): 30 cm (electrically adjustable)
  • Step-up height: 12,5 cm ('Standard' and 'Plus' type)
  • Weight of treadmill: 140 kg ('Standard' type) 155 kg ('Plus' type)
  • Max. permissible patient weight: 235 kg
  • Display: LCD/TFT colour display (with backlight)
  • The EN-Motion treadmill meets all the requirements of the Medical Devices Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC)

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