Enraf-Nonius Sonopuls 490 Ultrasound

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Enraf-Nonius Sonopuls 490 Ultrasound

'Touch Screen'

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The NEW Sonopuls 490, offers continuous and pulsed ultrasound therapy. Treatment frequencies of 1 & 3MHz can be applied. The treatment head, with large treatment surface, is connected to the Sonopuls 490 via sockets. Utilising a central control button, the unit is set and ready for use. Adjusting the treatment parameters, the set values remain constantly visible on the large display. The treatment is interrupted in case of poor acoustic contact until the contact is completely restored, this guarantees optimal treatment. 25 evidence based programs of the most common indications are pre-programmed into the Sonopuls 490. A free programmable start-up program assures that the unit is set on your favourite treatment protocol as soon as the unit is turned on.

Simple Touch Screen Operation
Optimal overview on the control panel
Contact control: automatic power switch-off and treatment time
interruption in case of insufficient contact.
25 pre-programmed evidence based indications
1000 Free programmable start-up program Therapy possibilities.

Small Treatment Head 0.8cm


Technical specifications

Ultrasound frequency: 1 MHz & 3 Mhz
Ultrasound: Continuous and Pulsed
Pulse Frequency: 16Hz, 48Hz and 100Hz
Duty Cycle: 100 Hz / 5, 10, 20, 33, 50, 80%
Pre-programmed protocols: 25 Evidence based and graphically supported
Programmable positions: 1000 free programmable positions available.
Mains voltage: 100-240 V ± 10% (50/60 Hz)

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