NAQI Medium Massage Lotion 500ml

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NAQI Medium Massage Lotion 500ml

This lotion is initially somewhat stiff what provides optimal sensing the underlying tissue for manipulations. Then it quickly develops optimal lubrication.

Natural and hypoallergenic massage lotion

Hypoallergenic: Does not contain parabens, formaldehyde, perfume or paraffin Skin care for patient and therapist: Hydrates – regenerates – protects – softens.The fig cactus (Opuntia ficus Indica) protects the skin against external stress factors pH neutral Economical in use Spreads easily Increases the quality of care and comfort for both therapist and patient

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It is very important that therapists choose the right massage product. Massage always involves applying mechanical pressure to the skin. This means that the skin of both the therapist as well as that of the patient need to remain in good condition and optimally balanced. Therapists will choose their products in function of the condition of the skin and the desired effects.

The properties of massage lotions play an important role in this. Massage products should be selected in function of the length of the massage and the type of skin. Massage lotion should ensure a good gliding movement during the massage, but the patient’s skin should be dry at the end of the treatment.

The purpose of Naqi massage is to:

1. facilitate the gliding movement of the hands on the skin

2. protect the skin from mechanical stress

3. promote the penetration of certain products into the skin

4. to care for the skin of both the therapist as well as that of the patient.

Naqi massage lotions:

• are skin-friendly emulsions

• have the same pH as skin

• are well tolerated by skin

• spread well over the body

• are well absorbed into the skin

• can be rinsed off with water

• do not block the pores

• do not soil clothes

• contain hypoallergenic perfumes.

In order to obtain optimal dispersal and penetration, Naqi has chosen a selective range of fine oils. Paraffin Pharma guarantees extended massages, Cetearyl Octanoate (synthetic oil, similar to skin lipids) facilitates the dispersal and does not hinder normal skin functions. Cyclomethicone and PPG-15-stearylether improve the feel of the skin and reduce oiliness. Thanks to the high content of synthetic oil, Naqi massage lotions have good spreading properties (table 1) and do not hamper the skin’s normal functions (table 2).

Naqi also uses allantoin and panthenol in all its massage products to prevent and treat possible irritations.

1. Panthenol pro-vitamin B5

Panthenol encourages cell multiplication at the basal membrane level and contributes to the formation of epithelium. The skin must have a consistent thickness so that dead skin cells that flake off are replaced by new cells at the basal layer. Panthenol promotes skin repair and has a positive effect on erythemas. It also has moisturising and softening properties.

2. Allantoin ureum derivate

Allantoin has skin regenerating properties and promotes the natural healing process. Allantoin is an effective skin protector and has a positive effect on irritations.

Given the diversity of therapeutic treatments carried out, Naqi has developed a range of products with different percentage of oils in order to guarantee and enhance to the quality of the treatment and to increase patient comfort.

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