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Omega Laser Xp Mobile

This portable Xp model has been designed for those on the move.  With functionality to match the Xp Clinic, the Xp Mobile is more traditionally manufactured in steel for robustness.  It is lighter, more compact and is provided in a padded carry case. A selection of probes are available and are purchased separately from the base unit

  • Straightforward and helpful menu system
  • Automatic probe recognition
  • Automatic calculation of surface energy density
  • Nine pulsing frequency options
  • Multi-pulse mode
  • Automatic repeat treatment time
  • Total treatment time record
  • Precise laser beam power output measurement
  • Visible warning when probe capable of emitting or in use
  • Acupuncture point finder
  • High performance 4Ah Metal Nickel Hydryde battery built in
  • Wipe-clean membrane fascia
  • Padded carry case and stand included

The market leading built-in rechargeable battery in the Xp Mobile is capable of powering the unit for up to 10 hours treatment time, making this unit ideal when treatment is beyond the easy reach of mains power supply.  So whether it’s domiciliary medical use or treating animals in the field that’s required, each is easily achieved with the Xp Mobile. 

Extremely versatile, the Xp Mobile accepts the complete range of Omega’s interchangeable probes, allowing treatment of everything from superficial wound healing to deeper muscular penetration and acupuncture point stimulation.  The flexibility to enter repeatable treatment times in 5 second increments is offered via an intuitive menu system and the unit then automatically calculates the resultant energy density ‘dose’ to be delivered.

The Xp Mobile offers a range of nine pulsing frequency options and the ability to set three different pulsing repetition rates within one treatment through the multi-pulse facility. This affords the practitioner pulse variation capability without having to reset. This control unit has a built-in beam tester which gives an accurate reading of the single probe outputs, meaning that the user can always check that the equipment is working properly – so important when invisible wavelengths are in use.

The Xp Mobile also includes an acupuncture point finder, which gives a continuous electronic reading indicating the proximity of acupuncture points.  The micro-current conductivity measurement which is used to identify such points can also locate trigger points making it an indispensable tool for physical therapists. This feature utilises a purpose-designed hand probe and acupuncture probe tip, both of which are included at no additional cost when this control unit is purchased with an appropriate probe.

This unit is designed so that it can be used in the carry case, and placing the bag's strap over the shoulder or around the waist can leave the clinician's hands free for treatment. When used in the clinic the separate stand provided positions the unit with complete stability and visibility on any flat surface.

Classification 3B Laser
Medium GaAIAs
Size H:140 x D:125 x W:220mm
Weight 3.02 kilos
Pulsing Frequencies 2.5Hz, 10Hz, 20Hz, 73Hz, 146Hz, 700Hz, 1kHz, 5khz, 10kHz
Battery Life Cluster Probe 4 hours; Single probe 10 hours

Metal Nickel Hydryde 4.1 Ah

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