PSB Knee Brace

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PSB Knee Brace

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A PSB Knee Brace is a comfortable sport brace, which permits full bending of the knee. The sport brace also exerts pressure around the entire knee joint, making it feel more stable to the wearer. The sport brace contains a pad (stiffener) that supports the patella thereby alleviating any possible additional patella problems. The pressure around the knee joint is easily varied by adjusting the pale blue power net on the brace itself. A PSB Knee Brace will not slip down. This is because of its good fit, the fastening tape around the calf and the silicon strips on the inside.

Advice on measuring for size
PSB Knee Braces are available in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. In order to measure the correct size you need to measure round the lower leg, just under the knee, keeping the knee bent at an angle of 90 degrees (see illustration).
You can use a normal tape measure for measuring or a special
PSB tape measure, which shows the sizes in different colours.
The table shows the fitting range of the various sizes.


PSB087 X-Large PSB Knee Brace

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