Soma Massage Mitts

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SOMA Professional Massage Mitts
The Professional Massage Mitt come as a pair of mitts, the two Mitts (Left and Right hand) are manufactured from Medical Grade Silicone and come in a stylish black velvet like bag which are then placed inside a box.
The Mitts are soft enough to ensure that they can be used on the most sensitive and delicate areas without any discomfort. This includes the area on and around the neck and face.
They also come in a lovely black velvet like bag to store them in.

The Physical Benefits of the Massage Mitts

Using the massage mitts will effectively and more comfortably breakdown any muscle tightness and facial tension between the soft tissue layers.

Practical Applications

Prevent and Relieve soft tissue adhesions.
Prepares muscles for training, improves delivery of nutrients to your muscles or for pre event tailored warm up.
Post exercise, reduces recovery time and fatigue after exercise.
Stimulate healing process within the body.
Increases sensory feedback.
Increase blood and lymphatic circulation, clearing of harmful metabolic by-products.

Reduced localised areas of pain from tight fascia and scar tissue.

For rehabilitation to increase muscle flexibility and suppleness with improved tissue elasticity.
Reduces muscle imbalance and enhances biotensegrity by simulating the fascial system.
Increases active range of movements.
Self-treating common muscloskeletal conditions.

Size Guide 

Instruction on how to put the mitts on How to use the massage mitts-

Apply massage oil to area you wish to massage. If your skin is dry you may need two coverings of oil. Rub the excess oil around your hand so the mitts glide onto your hands. An alternative is to use them in the shower or bath with you usual shower and bath products. Wet the skin then apply the soap or shower gel, gentle massage the chosen area on the body for 2-5 minutes then wash the soap off.

Smaller hands - after pulling the mitts onto the hand via the tab located at the front of your wrist joint will need to push the mitts together via the web space between the thumb joint and the main parts of the mitts. 

Medium sized hands - will just need to pull on the wrist tab to aid positioning.

Larger hands - will need to rotate their hands at 90 degree angles at the twist opening then rotate their hands into the mitt while puling in the wrist tab. They are very sturdy don't be frightened of breaking them, they will stretch. 

The mitts are one size for all

Use stroking, effleurage and large circular movement buy gliding the flat hand over the skin. The more nodules that come into contact to the skin the better the results. (Try not to use just your fingers and thumbs while massaging).

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