Zoll AED Pro Defibrillator

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Zoll AED Pro

The AED Pro® provides advanced capabilities for BLS and ALS users with innovative Real CPR Help® technology for rate and depth of chest compressions. The See-Thru CPR® capability filters CPR chest compressions, displaying the underlying cardiac rhythm. The AED Pro automated external defibrillator is unmatched in its ruggedness and durability and is ideal for any environment.

Rugged construction and exceptional durability support the needs of Basic Life Support providers and tiered systems.
• Superior design and rubber overmolds are built to withstand harsh environments.
• ECG Monitoring with 3-lead cable and high-quality display.
• Manual override option satisfies Advanced Life Support professionals
• Unrivaled battery compatibility and options (long-life disposable or rechargeable) that meet your specific needs.
• Internal memory data storage and IrDA or USB data transfer.
• Unique one-piece CPR-D•padz™ for easy placement.

The AED Pro semi automatic with manual overide is supplied with:
3 Lead ECG cable, a disposable lithium ion battery and carry case
5 year warranty (please specify electrodes required)

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