Pelvic Instability Belt

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Pelvic Instability Belt

• Designed by obstetric physiotherapists and trialed by expectant mothers, this ‘many-tailed bandage’ pattern allows variable tension on each set of the three straps, with strong tension over the pubic area and lighter tension under the abdomen
• Adaptable to a standing or sitting position, can be worn over clothing
• Provides strong circumferential support around the pelvis holding the two sacroiliac joints and the symphysis pubis joint firmly


1. Open the belt out and place it on the lower back. The wide portion of the belt (label inside and at the top) should fit snugly into the hollow of the back.

2. Anchor the belt temporarily by drawing the top tails around the upper abdomen and fastening together loosely.

3. Bring the lowest tails downwards and forwards under the lower abdomen across the pubic bone, tightening as much as necessary to give support without pressing unduly on the symphysis pubis. Fasten together.


4. Bring the middle tails around in the same way fastening together just above and slightly overlapping the lowest pair.

5. Adjust the top tails again in a downward and forwards direction to slightly overlap the middle pair. Do not wear the top tails at breastbone level.


6. This illustrates the final position of all tails overlapping to give full support to the pelvis.

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