Periform Vaginal Electrode

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Periform Vaginal Electrode

This is an intra-vaginal probe for muscle stimulation and EMG biofeedback, which also comes with a pelvic floor contraction indicator. When used with an EMG device It provides the user with clear EMG signals, assists user understanding of their pelvic muscles and indicates possible urethral-hypermobility. When instructed in its correct use. The Periform demonstrates the benefit of bracing before cough and quantifies muscle contraction, endurance and fast contractions. The user friendly design provides more comfortable stimulation, allows ambulatory use and stays in position. Periform vaginal electrode can be used with most muscle simulators and biofeedback equipment, providing the connection type from the unit is via 2mm male pin.

For muscle stimulation and EMG biofeedback
Comes with pelvic floor contraction indicator
Comfortable stimulation
Stays in position
Indicates possible urethral-hypermobility
Demonstrates benefit of bracing before cough
Quantifies muscle contraction and endurance


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